Top 5 Awful Corporate Gifts to Avoid This Season

All of us have heard the expression before, “It’s the thought that counts.”

When it comes to corporate gifts, it is usually not the case. If you want to leave a impression on your customers or employees, you might want to put more thought into getting the perfect gift. To your clients, gifts convey much about you as a gift giver. When was the last time that you received a present which you really appreciated. How do you view someone after they have given you a generic awful gift that no one ever needs? Although this sounds like a simple process, day after day, awful gifts are still being given out.

We have listed the top 5 gifts to avoid as corporate gifts. Do steer clear of these gifts no matte how ‘safe’ they may seem. Avoiding these gifts should keep you clear of the ‘Cheapo Gift’ company this year!

(Gifts are listed in decreasing order, with 1 being the worse gift to give)

5. Branded polo shirt

Although this might not be the worst gift to give, giving any form of clothing is always a risk. Apparels might not fit your clients or your employees. And if it is of a wrong size or colour, it is going to end up in the recycling bin! Sure it is a safe option for most companies, but how many people actually like wearing polo tees with their companies name on it.

4. Branded Mug

This might seem like a good idea at the start. Everybody in the office uses a mug and it’s cheap! It must be the perfect gift to give.  The problem is, someone has already thought of it and gave their mugs to every single client they could get their hands on. Everyone has at least 5 of it, and receiving another one is just unnecessary.

3. Scaling down your gifts

We all know that all companies are cutting costs in recent years. As such, many companies cut their spending on many items, gifts for instance. That is fine, but don’t make it totally obvious. Allow me to give you an example:

2011: Powerbanks for everyone!

2012: USB drives

2013: Notepads and pens

It deflates the brand of the company. Customers and employees alike want to know that the company is doing well. Don’t leave your recipients eager for more.

2. Calendar

It pains me to say that this is unfortunately one of our most popular selling items. The once a year calendar that all businesses give to one another. No one is looking forward to receiving calendar with your company logo at the start of every year. Have you? If the answer is no, there is no reason for youth even think about getting a calendar for all your clients this year.

1. Stress Ball

Last but not least, the absolutely WORST gift to give out is a logo’d stress ball. First off, why would you want to associate your company’s brand with stress? in fact, it is ironic for employees to receive stress balls from their employers. It gives the impression that they are about to receive some stress and the stress ball is suppose to help in some way.

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