Where to buy Air conditioner Spare Parts in Singapore

Summer season in Singapore can get intensely hot. During these times, the streets are usually empty as people would rather choose to commute than to walk despite how close their destinations are. Most people would rush to find shade but some people are lucky enough to have their own air conditioning units or work in a facility that has one. Clearly, Air conditioners are one of the basic necessities of most Singaporeans. However, like humans, these equipment can also experience some glitches and in worst cases, serious malfunction. When this happens, it is advisable to first do some troubleshooting yourself, however for severe cases it is best to contact an HVAC technician that possesses adequate expertise about air conditioning. In most cases, a malfunctioning air conditioner can be brought about by defective parts and/or accessories. Many aircon servicing companies in Singapore offer reliable parts while some claim “world class” spare parts only to grab your hard earned cash despite their disposable products. With these, here are two of the best air conditioning service companies that provide the best, trustworthy and reliable air conditioner spare parts:

ASPT Singapore (Aruki Components)

Managing director of ASPT Pte Ltd, Mr. Philip Chua has established the company in 1987 with the vision of serving the consumers with utmost trust and assurance with their brand Aruki. Aside from manufacturing spare parts for air conditioners, they also work on producing parts for refrigerators, washing macines, various tools and other components.

Considered as one of the most reputable companies in the country, they hire highly competent staff and engineers who are always willing to go an extra mile to give service and valuable advice to clients. In addition to this, they sell products at very competitive yet affordable prices. Quality is their utmost priority to assure the clients of products that are durable and can withstand extreme conditions. As part of their service, they also customize parts according to the specifications of the unit. They were certified and awarded with the ISO-9001 standard which assures clients of their products credibility. Moreover, they provide good after sales service and so with this, clients can always ask for instructions and can seek advice regarding the service they offer.

Teck Hoe Airconditioning Parts Pte Ltd

Teck Hoe Airconditioning Parts Pte Ltd focus on importing, stocking, exporting and distributing high quality and reliable air conditioner parts. Established in 1970, they have served the local and overseas markets, providing clients with a wide range of products at affordable and competitive prices. They are considered to be a one stop shop and repair shop that sell a wide array of HVAC products. They sell spare parts for popular air conditioner brands such as York, Carrier, McQuay, Daikin, LG Goldstar, National and Mitsubishi, to name a few.

Never worry of the possibility of not finding the best spare parts for your beloved air conditioners. With the two companies mentioned above, you are assured that you don’t have to look very far to buy the parts that are both affordable and reliable. Never fall victim to companies that sell poor quality parts ever again, visit their respective sites and look through the various services they offer.